Buy Covid 19 Test Kits

As the UK comes out of lockdown, we have decided to join in the fight against a possible COVID-19 2nd wave by providing TESTING SERVICES to the public and corporate organisations. We also provide a FIT TO FLY service for International travel with Doctor approved and certified results given post testing.

All our test kits are Public Health England (PHE) approved and are processed in same lab used by NHS GP’s and hospitals. We would also like to inform you that though our private testing is run independently from the government, the sale of these tests does not limit capacity for NHS access to these tests.

Our corporate clientele is important to us especially those within the driver community. We understand how important it is for you to ensure that your employees are protected and confident to return back to work without fear of contracting The COVID 19 infection. Hence why we have a tailored service for you whereby, as an organisation, you can purchase bulk test kits for your employees at a 10% discounted rate. We can also give you a company discount code for your employees to use on our website with up to 25% off the total price, depending on the promotions we have available.

There is no limit to the number of bulk test kits you can purchase aslong as the initial order is from 10 and above and our supplies are able to meet your demand. For more info contact us @



   The COVID-19 PCR (swab) test kit – This is taken when active symptoms are present and you are currently in self-isolation. The results are able to tell you whether or not you are infected now, and are 99.9% accurate with correct swab technique.

   Test kit can easily be used privately at home by self-collection of samples via nasal and throat swabs. *Please note no blood required for this test.

   Test kit comes with full details on how to collect samples – it is very important that you follow every step correctly in order to achieve accurate test results.

   Test kit will be delivered to your home with a prepaid addressed envelope for the lab where it is analysed. Samples must be posted back as soon as able and turnaround time of test is 24-48 hrs.

   You will be notified of your results by email.



   COVID 19 Total Antibody test kit – Checks for previous infection via detection of antibodies IgG, IgM and IgA against coronavirus infection and is best done from 14 days post-infection or exposure.

   This test lets you know if you have been exposed to the infection or not and if you developed an immune response, especially if active symptoms were never experienced. This test is recommended for anyone preparing to return back to work post self- isolation or in preparation of lock down lifting.

   Home test kit involves collection of a blood sample, all instructions and equipment required is provided in the test kit. Once sample is taken, it must be sent to the lab in the prepaid envelope, where it is analysed. Test results will be emailed to you within 24 – 72 hours